Custom Build, Renovation
& Interior Design

Guided by the notion that good design is where form meets function, White Hart creates attractive, intuitive and welcoming spaces. A purposeful approach takes into careful consideration both the homeowner and surrounding environs, connecting the bones of a home with each client's particular lifestyle, creative sensibility and price point.

A uniquely qualified team of professionals works closely with clients through each phase, from design to build and beyond. As general contractors, White Hart knows the value of efficiency, clear communication and bringing a project in on time and within budget. As designers, we are passionate about respecting any given space as we find its optimal use. From color schemes to appliance selection to table legs—no detail is neglected. By tracking a thorough inventory of design options, White Hart is able to draw disparate elements together and tell a cohesive design story. Anything superfluous is then stripped away, leaving nothing but clean lines on the horizon.    

Our Story

Founded in 2009, White Hart is led by Principals Jill and Tim Vieth. Jill is a former Washington, DC politico-turned-designer, whereas Tim is a former banker-turned-developer. Having lived in Washington, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Manhattan, and London, Jill and Tim finally settled in Nantucket in 2014, allowing them to focus full-time on White Hart Development and White Hart Design.

Tim leads White Hart Development, managing multiple projects ranging from renovations to large-scale custom builds of luxury estates. Understanding the shifting property market on Nantucket can be quite daunting, but with Tim's expansive knowledge on the subject, he is frequently called on to help clients identify the right property for them.

Jill heads up White Hart Design. In that role, she oversees every aspect of each project, from site selection to putting finishing touches on the interior. Jill has always exuded a passion for architecture and design, attending tradeshows and visiting every historic property throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In addition to her strong design sense, Jill has years of experience in logistics and management as a result of her extensive political career. Prior to founding White Hart, she served in DC in many roles—staff assistant, legislative aide, press secretary and ultimately chief of staff. She was also a senior appointee to the U.S. Department of Energy. Having left politics behind, Jill now sits on the board of the Artists Association of Nantucket. Jill's involvement in every phase of the project ensures that no detail—small or large, practical or aesthetic—will be overlooked.

Currently, Jill and Tim live in Nantucket with their two daughters, Elizabeth and Victoria. They love to make s’mores at Eel Point, play soccer and relax at the beach. 

Our process

If it's a new build, the project begins with identifying the right site. Jill and Tim keep themselves fully informed about what's available on the island, frequently visiting both commercial and residential properties. With an eye towards preservation, they advocate for land use that is respectful of the natural environment and protects the island from over-development. This means more land with less building, and the outcome is a surrounding landscape that's every bit as appealing as the home itself.

Once the site is chosen, Jill sets to work assembling the right team for that particular job. White Hart maintains strong relationships with a variety of general contractors, architects, and other design and construction professionals. Jill is strategic in her approach, carefully assessing each project's unique demands and matching the most qualified professionals accordingly.

As the project advances, Jill reports to the job site every day, if not multiple times a day. By providing consistent oversight and sharing in the contracting responsibilities, she is able to ensure the highest level of quality and care throughout the construction process. She is imminently knowledgeable about a broad spectrum of construction and design matters, allowing her to facilitate communication amongst builders, architects, plumbers, electricians and clients. White Hart has been publicly praised for their "solid team of professionals that consistently over-achieve ... and get projects done on time and on budget." Jill is accustomed to approaching her work with the precision and logistical mindset necessary to keep all aspects of projects moving efficiently.

Jill's project management and oversight carries on well beyond the construction phase. She provides counsel on all interior design considerations from plumbing and fireplaces to advising on fabrics and hand soaps to the selection of custom products such as sinks, lights, furniture, hardware and more. Clients have said that Jill has a unique ability "to bring together the ideas of her clients with what she knows will look good for years to come, narrowing down the endless options making the design experience a lot simpler." Whether sourcing artwork from local artists or selecting paint colors, Jill ensures that the final product is in keeping with White Hart's overarching design intent of clean lines -- leaving plenty of room to breathe and live the Nantucket experience.

Gold Prism Award

In 2017, we were honored to receive the Gold Prism Award* for Best Use of Solid Surface Material or Stone from the Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston. Neolith concrete counters work in concert with Royal Danby marble to achieve an inviting yet refined culinary space in this contemporary custom build. With the help of our collaborators, TBR Marble & Granite, we were able to source the truly unique and high-quality surface materials that elevate a mere room into this award-winning kitchen. 

The PRISM Awards recognize the finest projects and outstanding achievements of professionals in the home building industry.